Transitional Pastor

What is an ‘Intentional’ Interim Pastor?

An interim pastor serves churches in pastoral transition, guiding and supporting them through the challenges of a change in pastoral leadership. Interim pastors serve churches through preaching, teaching, pastoral care and leadership during the interim period between the departure of the previous pastor and the installation of the new pastor. However, recognizing that the interim period is a unique strategic opportunity in the life of a church, most churches desire an interim pastor who can help them use the interim period for church evaluation and change. An ‘intentional’ interim pastor helps a church to evaluate its church health, address its organizational needs, clarify its identity, and prepare for the calling of the next pastor. Some churches also need an ‘intensive’ interim pastor to help them address difficult issues that have arisen if the previous pastor’s ministry ended in controversy or from other issues of conflict. I am called, trained, and experienced in serving churches as an ‘intentional’ and ‘intensive’ interim pastor.

To further discuss how I might be able to help you as an intentional or intensive interim pastor, please contact me by email ( or phone (904-629-8005).

What is Interim Pastor Ministries? 

Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) is a missional network of interim pastors who help churches in pastoral transition evaluate, refocus, heal, solve problems, and prepare for the calling of their next pastor. IPM exists to help churches become more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission with renewed signs of life and vitality. The mission of IPM is to serve, support and strengthen churches in pastoral transition.

What do we do?

When churches in pastoral transition contact IPM for help, IPM sends us on short-term assignments to serve as the interim senior pastor. We live in the community and serve the church in a full-time capacity until a new pastor is called and installed. Our ministry to the church during that period includes the following:

  • Preaching and teaching the Word of God, leading public worship services, conducting weddings and funerals, discipling, shepherding, counseling, visiting, and other pastoral care responsibilities.
  • Providing encouragement, support, guidance and leadership coaching to the church’s staff and lay leadership teams.
  • Sustaining, supporting and encouraging the church’s ongoing ministries and programs.
  • Communicating with the congregation to keep them informed about the pastoral transition process, hopeful for the church’s future, and unified around the church’s mission and vision.
  • Intervening in instances of conflict that have arisen out of the departure of the previous pastor and other difficult issues that have occurred in the life of the church.
  • Forming and leading a ‘Transition Team’ though the IPM ‘Self-Study’ process of assessment and planning designed to improve the church’s health, effectiveness, and its ability to secure a pastor who is a “best fit” for the church.
  • Coaching and supporting the church’s pastoral search team in searching for and calling a new pastor.

Why do churches need an Interim Pastor?

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One comment

  1. You are the perfect man for the job!! God doesn’t necessarily run by our time table, does He?! I often think of your ministry as an Interim…leading to full time pastor. God is so good. And Cindy is the perfect helpmeet in this calling.
    Thank you for who you and what you do, all the His glory.
    Betty Harcey

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