How We Worshipped Last Sunday (March 29th)

The Boie Family
Boie Family

The Bowers Family Bowers Family

The Cheney Family Cheney Family

Dorothy Lund Nelson

Dorothy Lund Nelson

Janet Isley

Janet Isley

The King Family King Family

The Kosmicki Family Kosmicki Family

Nancy Monson

Nancy Monson

The Potter Family Potter Family

The Reimer Family Reimer Family

The Rohrbaugh Family Rohrbaugh Family

The Satterblom Family Satterblom Family 1

The Speary Family Speary Family

The Holtys The Holtys

The Lansings The Lansings

The Orths The Orths

The Pedersons The Pedersons

The Schads The Schads

The Winters Family Winters Family

Dick & Sharon Bjerkaas Dick & Sharon Bjerkaas

The Chaco Family The Chaco Family

Kevin & Carolyn Whitford Kevin & Carolyn Whitford

Josh & Katie Laack Josh & Katie Laack

Doug & Julie Nelson Doug & Julie Nelson

David & Marion Henry David & Marion Henry

The Recker Family The Recker Family

Tom & Pat Hallstrom

Tom & Pat Hallstrom.2020.04

Charlie & Linda Burns Charlie & Linda Burns

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6 Comments on “How We Worshipped Last Sunday (March 29th)”

  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos showing the body of Christ worshiping apart but very much connected…..they brought tears of joy to our eyes.!
    All hail the power of Jesus Love!!

  2. You were just on my mind this morning! this pictures look like the way we are doing church and worshipping as well, at Lakewood! As you hae probably guessed already, Larry’s apts at Mayo have been rescheduled for the end of May. We will let you know when we will be there and hopefully we can get together then! Praying for you! The John Deere mug is a great prayer reminder!!!

    Blessings, Mim

  3. I love this! Thank you for sharing so many of our Calvary Families!! I love our Calvary Family!!

  4. Hi Dan,

    We are headed to Rochester this afternoon. Larry has appt. Tues and Wed. I am sorry I forgot to get back to you before now. We are free Tues afternoon if that works for you. My phone no is 218 851 6806 and Larry is 218 851 2431. I hope we can connect with you!


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