This Sunday (August 11th) I’m preaching on the Tenth Commandment from Exodus 20:17, looking at coveting, envy and contentment. Here are some additional resources I’d highly recommend on these topics.

“The Lost Sin of Envy” – Tim Challies

“How Envy Behaves” – Tim Challies

“What Envy Wants” – Tim Challies

“Gambling is covetousness distilled to its very essence” – Phil Johnson

“The Dangerous Vulnerability of Discontentment” – Dan Phillips

“The Key To Christian Contentment” – Daryl Wingerd

“A Prayer About Stuff and Contentment” – Scotty Smith

“The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” – Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646)

“The Art of Divine Contentment” Part 1 – Thomas Watson

“The Art of Divine Contentment” Part 2 – Thomas Watson