Genesis 3 – We see the beginning of the “Scarlet Thread of Redemption” in what this chapter reveals about our NEED for a savior. Eve & Adam make the same choice we all would have made had we been in their place. They question whether what God has said was really true for them. (“Did God actually say…?”) They doubt whether God is really working all things for their greatest good and begin to believe that He’s not willing to give them what will really make them ‘happy’. (“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”) So they make the same choice that you and I make on a regular basis – to choose what seems right and good TO US.

I’m struck by how the ways in which they are tempted are the ways in which John the Apostle says we’re tempted (1 John 2:16):

1. They were lured by what they thought would satisfy their physical appetites/desires. Their perception “that the tree was good for food“(3:6) = “the lust of the flesh.”

2. They were drawn by what appeared attractive to them and made them covet something that was not available to them. What they saw in the forbidden fruit was “a delight to the eyes” (3:6) = “the lust of the eyes.”

3. They were enticed by what they thought would give them greater status, power, and control. They believed the serpent’s lie that eating the forbidden fruit would make them “like God” (3:5) = “the pride of life.”

I am tempted in all three of these ways every day, so I know I would have made the same choice Adam & Eve did. No wonder I (we) need a Savior!